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Hi, I’m Kate Williams, Career Development Facilitator and Program Coordinator at Anderson Career Services (CSO). Welcome to our office!

At Anderson CSO, Natalie and I believe students are the agents of their own success, and that our role as advisors and mentors is to empower our students to reach their professional goals We accomplish this by cultivating an environment of success and achievement. We incorporate the latest trends in hiring practices and the best techniques in student coaching into our program design, as well as individual appointments, so that you can feel confident in the preparation you’ll receive either in a one on one coaching session or a larger workshop environment. 

Natalie Mead, our Career Services Manager, and I collaborate to bring you these services. Natalie serves local and national employers and recruiters, developing strong relationships and helping employers build a vibrant presence here at Anderson. What does that mean for you? New employers coming to campus with job and internship opportunities, guest speakers in classes, and potential industry mentors for our students!

Our goal is for every Anderson student to gain the experience they need to land, and succeed in, a dream job. That’s why we’ve designed an entire professional curriculum, Brand YOU, to deliver content to Anderson students and alumni that is timely, relevant, and integral to your success. I help Anderson students, alumni, and EMBA students develop and launch Brand YOU by delivering targeted career coaching. We can schedule an individual appointment to talk about your goals, or you can join us for one of our fall, summer, or spring events.

Career Services events are specifically designed to help our students learn, grow, and connect with the business community. We know it can be tough to make time for events as busy students, but we also know how important networking and connections are to your career development. We encourage you to say YES to as many things as you can!

Wherever you’re at in your career journey, we’re ready to help you take the next step. So take a minute today to invest in your professional growth. Become familiar with the resources on our website and connect with us on Anderson’s social media sites. Finally, call me today at (505) 277-3290 to schedule your personal appointment.

Let’s get to work, Anderson!

Kate Williams
Career Development Facilitator
Anderson School of Management

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