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Careers by Concentration

What can I do with a concentration in...

Listservs by Concentration

Please sign up for listservs based on your concentration and/or your career goals. E-mails are sent when opportunities are received in the Anderson Career Services office and are sent to concentration listservs based upon the skills, knowledge and experience requested by the employer.

Students may subscribe to more than one listserv:

  • ASMALUMNI-L (Alumni)
  • ASMACCT-L (Accounting)
  • ASMENTRP-L (Entrepreneurial Studies)
  • ASMFIN-L (Finance)
  • ASMGM-L (General Management)
  • ASMHR-L (Human Resources)
  • CIARE-L (Information Assurance)
  • ASMIM-L (International Management)
  • ASMMIS-L (Management of Information Systems)
  • ASMMKT-L (Marketing)
  • ASMMOT-L (Management of Technology)
  • ASMOPS-L (Operations/Logistics/Supply Chain Mgt.)
  • ASMEMBA-L (Executive MBAs)


  1. Address an e-mail message to:
  2. Leave the subject field blank
  3. Only include the following in the body of the message:
    • subscribe ASMACCT-L your_first_name, your_last_name
      EXAMPLE (Accounting List):
      subscribe ASMACCT-L Joe Jobseeker
  4. If you want to subscribe to more than one listserv, supply the name of each list on their own line.
    • EXAMPLE (Accounting, Finance, & MIS List):
      subscribe ASMACCT-L Joe Jobseeker
      subscribe ASMFIN-L Joe Jobseeker
      subscribe ASMMIS-L Joe Jobseeker
  5. Send the message WITHOUT any signatures.


For those students who have found employment and no longer wish to receive email messages you must UNSUBSCRIBE to the listserv. Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Send a message to:
  2. Leave the subject field blank
  3. In the body of message type (with NO other text):
    unsubscribe ASMLIST-L
    • EXAMPLE (Management of Technology List):
      unsubscribe ASMMOT-L