Student Resources

Both the informational interview and job shadow assignments for 398 require that you work with a professional in your field. To help you get started, we’ve created a list of resources you can use to identify individuals to help you complete these assignments. As a bonus, these interactions could lead to meaningful mentorship opportunities which can have lasting benefits for your entire career.

It’s easy to get started. Simply identify an individual and craft a respectful, concise message that clearly states your name, program of study, and how you located their contact information. Next, politely state your request for an informational interview or job shadow. Thank your new contact for their time, and indicate the best way to contact you.

Remember that the individuals you will be contacting are busy professionals, so it’s appropriate to wait about a week before following up. Be courteous, honor your commitments, and always follow up with a gracious thank you card after you meet your new contact.

Looking for a professional in a specific industry, try these resources:

UNM Alumni Mentor Program

We make it possible for students to communicate more effectively with UNM alumni in the work world who have registered as career mentors. Students, recent grads and professional alumni can connect with each other, and share professional interests and experiences.

LinkedIn Advanced People Search

To access the Advanced People Search, login to your LinkedIn Profile and follow the detailed instructions found here.